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The company established a manufacturing, from product design → → service quality assurance system of the whole process and green system, through the ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 management system certification. 
Company: "continuously improve the quality system, do not hide, do not cheat, do not compromise, and establish a reputation of high quality crystal brand" quality, modern enterprise management into enterprise management among the quality of the new philosophy, ready to absorb new methods ; the spirit of strict quality management, is committed to continuous quality improvement, focus on improving the process to make the customer feel extraordinary satisfaction. 
We adhere to creating a healthy and peaceful environment for our employees, customers and the community, we will continue to encourage and help our suppliers adhere to the principle of the same high standards. We will be in "full participation, environmental protection, energy saving, continuous improvement," the basic idea of the environment, and actively respond to the EU and the countries to develop laws and regulations, adhere to the product comply with environmental requirements, adhere to energy saving, control pollutants emissions, the initiative to improve environmental performance, and "6S" management to further promote the effective operation of the system in order to achieve the best unified economic and social benefits. 

Improve customer satisfaction: by honest service and build customer management system to meet customer requirements, improve customer satisfaction. 
Improve product and service quality: improve product quality, reduce problems and customer complaints and improve cost competitiveness, improve service levels. 
Improve business efficiency: improving operational efficiency, in order to streamline business operations to ensure quality, and promote the activities of the industry's first to use management capabilities.
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